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Carbon dioxide detectors, meters, alarms and monitors


Carbon monoxide detectors for car parks and portable meters


Volatile organic compounds detectors for indoor air quality


Oxygen detectors and portable meters

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Email: info@airqualitysensors.com.au / Phone: 1300 430 928

Portable Meters

CO2 and CO portable meters

HVAC & Buildings

CO2, CO, VOC and O2 detectors and controllers for ventilation

Car Parks

CO detectors and controllers for carpark ventilation


CO2 monitors, flow meters and valve controllers for growers

CO2 Alarms

CO2 detectors with alarms for storage and enclosed areas

Pubs & Breweries

CO2 monitors, with alarms, for pubs and breweries

Restaurants & Shops

LEED CO2 monitors, with alarms, for restaurants & shops

Science & Labs

CO2 detectors and meters for research, incubators and labs

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Sensor Accuracy

A scientific study found our CO2 sensors are highly accurate

Choosing a Detector

The 5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing a gas detector

CO2 in Shops

Our CO2 detectors can be used for indoor air quality, LEED and green building accreditation

CO2 and the Empire State Building

CO2 sensors have been fitted out in the Empire State Building in New York

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