CO2 Portable Meter

Portable Carbon Dioxide DetectorPART NUMBER: ESAZ-01 (standard model); ESAZ-02 (high accuracy model)

  • The most popular portable CO2 meter available
  • CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  • Save Money – Calibrate Outdoors
  • Optional data logger kit


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With up to 24 hours battery life and easy to use with gloves on, the pSense-Plus portable carbon dioxide meter works perfectly as a personal safety alarm unit in hazardous environments, or wherever carbon dioxide is produced, stored, generated and used.

The large LCD readout gives a quick overview of the current carbon dioxide level and the 80 dB audible alarm calls for prompt attention when the short-term exposure safety limit is exceeded.

This air quality CO2 meter data logger calculates statistical weighted averages of TWA (8 hour time weighted average) and STEL (15 minute short term exposure limit).


  • CO2 MeterPART NUMBER: ESAZ-01 (standard model); ESAZ-02 (high accuracy model)
  • Measures: Carbon dioxide in PPM, temperature (F or C), % Relative Humidity
  • Sensing method: NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared)
  • Self-calibrating with fresh air
  • CO2 Measurement range: 0~9999 ppm (2001~9999 ppm over range)
  • CO2 Accuracy: ESAZ-01: ± 75ppm; ESAZ-02: ± 30ppm
  • Battery Life: approx. 24 hours continuous reading
  • Alarm: Yes (80dB)


  • CO2 Detector120/220VAC adapter (power for long-term operation)
  • International Wall adapter kit
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • ABS Plastic case
  • Manual

Optional data logger kit

The data logger kit for Windows PC is perfect for students, scientists, researchers, or anyone who needs to record CO2 levels over time. Each reading (user-selected frequency) includes a date/time stamp for accurate analysis. Use the kit to record CO2 and temperature levels for an hour, a day, or even a month. Data can be viewed on screen or saved to an ASCII text data file that easily imports into a spreadsheet.

  • USB Data Cable
  • Software CD
  • Requires PC running Win2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 with USB Port
  • Must be plugged into PC to log data


  • 1 year


Recommended Maintenance

Air Quality Sensors recommends the ESAZ-01 and ESAZ-02 be checked and re-calibrated (if required) on a regular basis. This can be performed using the fresh air calibration procedure as outlined in the manual. Air Quality Sensors recommends that a full service and calibration check be conducted every 12 months by a qualified technician or by returning the unit to Air Quality Sensors.

Disclaimer: The ESAZ-01 and ESAZ-02 are delivered to you checked and calibrated by the manufacturer and Air Quality Sensors. Once the detector is in your possession, it is then your responsibility to ensure its safe operation. Air Quality Sensors, or any of its suppliers, will not be responsible for poor operation or maintenance of the ESAZ-01 or ESAZ-02 by the end customer.


Manual and Specification Sheet

Download pSense Spec Sheet

Download pSense Manual