CO2 Detector for HVAC and IAQ

ABC Automatic Baseline Correction CO2 DetectorPart Number: ESSE-12


  • Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) CO2 Transmitter
  • Wall-Mount HVAC and IAQ Transmitter
  • Low Maintenance – Saves Money
  • Industry Standard Design



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The ESSE-12 eSense is a cost-effective carbon dioxide transmitter designed to be installed in areas like office buildings or classrooms where carbon dioxide levels are monitored to determine occupancy levels for energy savings and indoor air quality.

The default eSense is normally maintenance free thanks to the built-in self-correcting ABC algorithm (Automatic Baseline Correction). This algorithm constantly keeps track of the sensor’s lowest reading over several days and corrects for long-term drift.

Designed with industry-standard outputs, the eSense II is the foundation of a complete demand controlled ventilation system. Studies show that demand controlled HVAC systems using CO2 transmitters can save up to 50% of energy costs as well as improving comfort for the occupants.


Features of the Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) CO2 detector

  • Analog Output 0-10v or 4-20mA (0-2,000ppm) select via on-board jumper
  • Connects to any model ventilation controller or BMS unit, or we can supply a ventilation controller for you
  • Mounts on US-Standard J box
  • Automatic Self-Diagnostics
  • Maintenance-free in Normal Applications



  • General Performance Compliance with EMC directive 89/336/EEC, RoHS directive 2002/95/EG
  • Meets ISO 12039 Standard for NDIR detection of CO2 (NDIR Explained)
  • Protection Class IP30
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • Replaces ALPSCONTROLS Model eSense-U
  • 24 VAC/VDC
  • < 1 Watt average


  • 1 Year


Manuals and Specification Sheet

Download ESSE-12 CO2 Detector Spec Sheet

Download ESSE-12 CO2 Detector Manual


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