CO2 Cellar Alarm

CO2 Cellar AlarmPart Number: ESRAD-100

  • Ideal for cellars, basements, enclosed areas in pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Comply with workplace safety standards
  • Audible and Visual Alarms


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Comply with the workplace safety standard, AS5034 2005, with the ESRAD-100 Storage Safety Alarm.

The ESRAD-100 CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect people who work near carbon dioxide stored in closets or confined spaces. At high levels, CO2 can result in problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and even death.

  • Wired Remote CO2 Sensor
  • Separate CO2 Level Monitor
  • Audible & Visible CO2 Alarms w. Single Relay


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CO2 alarms are critical around CO2 tanks, laboratories, or anywhere CO2 is stored or produced in high volume.

The CO2 Storage Safety Alarm has both an audible alarm and flashing visual indicator when CO2 concentrations reach a pre-set level. A built-in relay can be used to control a ventilation fan or an HVAC control alarm to notify maintenance staff remotely.

CO2 AlarmBest of all, the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is easy to install and use. Simply mount both units on the wall (all cables and hardware included), plug the display unit into a standard wall jack, and the alarm is ready to protect you, your family and your employees.


  • Sensor connects with Remote Display Unit using 25ft (7m) cable (included)
  • Up to 3 Remote Display Units can be daisy chained to allow warnings at multiple locations
  • Large digital LCD display clearly indicates the current CO2 level and temperature
  • Relay output can automatically control a fan or blower to ventilate confined spaces
  • 80dB Audible and visual alarm indications
  • IP54 Enclosure – utilize included plug and cover the device during cleaning or washdown


  • CO2 Alarm InstallationMeasurement Range: 0-5% (50,000ppm) CO2
  • 1st Relay Alarm: 1.5% CO2.  2nd Alarm: 3% CO2
  • Alarm Response Time: < 60 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40C (32-104F)
  • Calibration: Can be calibrated on wall with fresh air
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: 15 years


  • Power Supply: 110-220VAC to 6VDC Adapter
  • Power Consumption:1 Watt


  • 1 Year


Recommended Maintenance

Air Quality Sensors recommends the ESRAD-100 be checked and re-calibrated (if required) on a regular basis. Air Quality Sensors recommends the ESRAD-100 have a calibration and alarm check every 6 months. This can be performed using the fresh air calibration procedure as outlined in the manual. Air Quality Sensors recommends that a full service and calibration check be conducted every 12 months by a qualified technician or by returning the unit to Air Quality Sensors.

Disclaimer: The ESRAD-100 is delivered to you checked and calibrated by the manufacturer and Air Quality Sensors. Once the detector is in your possession, it is then your responsibility to ensure its safe operation. Air Quality Sensors, or any of its suppliers, will not be responsible for poor installation, operation or maintenance of the ESRAD-100 by the end customer.



Download ESRAD-100 CO2 Alarm Monitor Manual


Installation Video