CO2, VOC & O2 Detectors

Air Quality Sensors CO2, CO, VOC and O2 range of detectors and portable meters covers a wide range of applications from personal safety, HVAC, indoor air quality, car parks, cool rooms and breweries, horticulture, greenhouses, mushroom houses, and transport. Scroll down to find detectors and meters related to specific applications.

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Portable Gas Meters   –     HVAC and IAQ     –     Shops and Cafes     –     Cool Rooms and Breweries     –     Greenhouses, Mushroom Houses and Hydroponics



Portable Gas Detector Meters



Shops, Cafes, Pubs, Buildings, HVAC and IAQ



Cool Rooms and Breweries





Greenhouses and Hydroponics



Laboratories, Hospitals and Scientific

  • Edaphic Scientific for a complete range of scientific sensors including dissolved gas sensors



Transport and Storage



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