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CO Detector VentilationAir Quality Sensors is an Australian company that supplies a large range of gas detectors from world leading manufactures. Our comprehensive range of gas detectors are suitable for industry, buildings, growers and scientists.

Our gas detectors measure gases including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and volatile organic compounds. We provide a complete solution for the HVAC industry, as well as solutions for customers requiring portable gas detectors for personal safety, or safety requirements around vending machines, cool rooms, and breweries. Produce growers in greenhouses, glasshouses and hydroponic rooms, also use our quality range of CO2 monitors, flow meters and ventilation controllers.

Air Quality Sensors is a partner company to Edaphic Scientific Pty Ltd. While Air Quality Sensors provides solutions for industry, Edaphic Scientific Pty Ltd provides specialised solutions for the scientific and research community.

Air Quality Sensors is located in Port Macquarie, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. We support all parts of Australia and New Zealand.


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