Gas Detectors for Safety and Quality Control

Air Quality Sensors is your one stop shop for a comprehensive range of CO, CO2, O2 and VOC gas detectors!

CO2 Safety Alarms

Monitor CO2 levels with audible and visual alarms in shops, cafes, cool rooms, pubs and store rooms

CO2 & Empire State Building

CO2 detectors have been fitted out in the Empire State Building for IAQ, HVAC and energy cost savings

Choosing a Gas Detector

The 5 mistakes commonly made when choosing a gas detector: download your free article

Products and Applications

CO2 Detectors

CO2 detectors, controllers for HVAC, and portable meters

Portable Meters

CO2 portable meters and data loggers for safety

O2 Detectors

Oxygen detectors, data loggers and portable meters

IAQ & Buildings

CO2 and VOC gas detectors for HVAC and indoor air quality

Coolroom & Brewery

CO2 & O2 detectors with alarms for safety applications


CO2 monitors for greenhouses and hydroponics

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