Portable CO Meter

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  • Portable, personal safety device
  • Ideal in confined spaces including water tanks, silos
  • Critical where combustion engines are being used

With long battery life and large buttons for ease of use with gloves, the ESAZ-16 dSense portable carbon monoxide meter works perfectly as a personal safety alarm unit in hazardous environments, or wherever carbon monoxide is produced, stored, generated and used.

The large LCD readout gives a quick overview of the current CO level and the 80 dB audible alarm calls for prompt attention when the short-term exposure safety limit is exceeded.

The meter uses a high-accuracy electrochemical cell for detection and is easily calibrated at both 0ppm and 500ppm points with reference gas.

  • CO2Meter CO FieldPART NUMBER: ESAZ-16
  • Measures: Carbon monoxide in ppm
  • Sensing method: Electrochemical Current Measurement
  • CO Measurement range: 0~999 ppm
  • CO Accuracy: ± 20% at 0-100ppm, ± 15% at 100-500ppm
  • Alarm: Yes (80dB)


  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Manual


  • 1 year


Recommended Maintenance

Air Quality Sensors recommends the ESAZ-16 be checked and re-calibrated on a regular basis. If the CO sensor is continuously being exposed to high levels of CO, then the sensor should be returned to Air Quality Sensors every 6 months for maintenance and calibration check. Otherwise, the ESAZ-16 should be returned to Air Quality Sensors every 12 months for maintenance and calibration check.

Disclaimer: The ESAZ-16 is delivered to you checked and calibrated by the manufacturer and Air Quality Sensors. Once the meter is in your possession, it is then your responsibility to ensure its safe operation. Air Quality Sensors, or any of its suppliers, will not be responsible for poor operation or maintenance of the ESAZ-16 by the end customer.


Manual and Specification Sheet

Download ESAZ-16 CO Meter Manual

Download ESAZ-16 CO Meter Brochure


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