CO Detector with Relay

CO Car park detectorPart Number: ESCO-100

  • Designed for small carparks
  • One ESCO-100 unit controls one ventilation fan
  • Easy to install, low maintenance CO detector and controller
  • Built-in relay with normally open contact
  • LCD screen for quick set up and configuration
  • Ideal for small carparks ventilation control


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The ESCO-100 is designed for real-time detection of atmospheric carbon monoxide. High accuracy humidity and temperature detection is optional. The ESCO-100 has an LCD display for CO. The unit has external buttons for easy operation.

The CO detector is based on electrochemical technology with up to 5 years life time. The CO sensor can be replaced at any time. Measurement range is 0 to 100 ppm with higher ranges optional.

The ESCO-100 has a single-point calibration feature for quick and easy maintenance.

The built-in relay provides up to two dry contact outputs with presetting the set point.
Specifications and Manual

ESCO-100 Specifications and Manual